Inštitut za slovensko izseljenstvo: Dve domovini

100% SLOVENIAN [Američanke]

Avtor: idea and script Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik

Režija: Hanna A. W. Slak

Inštitut: Inštitut za slovensko izseljenstvo

Trajanje: 45 min

Leto nastanka: 2006

Sodelujoči: Olga Toni, Urška Kos in Petra Vidmar

Producent: Production Art Rebel 9, RTV Slovenija

100% SLOVENIAN is a documentary story of three generations of women who migrated to the United States and their descendants. In a humorous yet down to earth fashion the film digs out some big questions: what is national identity and why is it still such an important issue in this multicultural world we live in? The American and the Slovenian women in this documentary come from very different social and cultural background, but they all share the deeply rooted feeling of being Slovenian, regardless if they migrate to America themselves or their ancestors have in different migration waves.